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From Nuit 

Dear Spiritual Traveler,

Tangible transformations can come into our lives only if we work on our self-development truly and holistically. 

During my spiritual journey, during 25 years of meditation, yoga and tao exploration, I came across Love, Joy, Suffering, Compassion, Curiosity, and most of all, Wonder towards all the manifestations within Life

In an attempt to expand this Wonder, I created the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training. 

Exploring the Alchemy of Human Being we examine Human Brain and Mind Powers, tools to increase Creative Thinking, ways to achieve Free Mind.

From Hindu to Buddhist, Christian to Tao, all across centuries, all across the planet, covering ancient and contemporary philosophers and gurus, the course is inspired by Life, Love, Alchemy, Tantra, God.  The alchemy of this mixture is there to keep me inspired and to inspire you to further create, going back to Life re-newed, shining Love.

Books from the Author

Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Books

Alchemy of love mindfulness training books

Author, Trainer

Nuit is a poet, a writer, a Yogi and a spiritual researcher on self-development, yoga, alchemy, and higher states of consciousness. With 20 years of meditation experience, Nuit runs mindfulness workshops and writes about variety of spiritual subjects.

Nataša Pantović Nuit Personal Highlights or some weird and wonderful things about me:

  • - BSc Economics, Belgrade

    - I've never had a TV or a mobile phone.

    - I traveled through more than 50 countries and lived in 5: UK, New Zealand, Holland, Serbia and Malta

    - After helping Father George build a school in a remote area of Ethiopia, entered the most amazing world of parenthood adopting two angels from Ethiopia as a single mother (now imagine that!).

    - published my first book 1991 Contracts for Companies and Individuals, Serbia.

    - My life story book has many pages within the world of Marketing and Business where I worked as Management Consultant within the Malta Office of the Prime Minister, 10 years as Head of Business Development within a UK IT company, as Trainer and Facilitator of Workshops in: Mindfulness, Goddess Within, Stress Management, True Communication, Magic of Creativity.

    - Some of the more intriguing pages talk about 25 years of Yoga and Meditation, and my spiritual exploration journey through TheosophyZenTantraAntroposophyYoga and my yogic vegetarian life-style where I danced barefoot in the rainmeditated for hours in search of God, organized 6 Body, Mind and Spirit Festivals, explored Megalithic Temples, read 1,000s of spiritual books and was one of the organizers of a 10 days Megalithic Conference in Malta

    - The world of love and relationships is deep and soul enriching and I had a most amazing opportunity to explore its reaches in over 18 years of relationships. I now regularly publish Articles on Relationships, Mindfulness and Personal Growth

    - My children Ema and Andrej are my biggest Conscious Parenting teachers. They love and train basketball, play piano, act within a Music Theatre Group and were Chess Champions of Malta.

    My soul is the one of a nomad and during my life-time I visited more than 50 countries, set foot on all the continents, and lived in five. During my life-time I visited Rome more than 30 times, explored all the corners of Europe: visiting Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany 20 times. My friends are from all around the globe. My home is in Amsterdam, London, Belgrade, Sliema, Rome, wherever I found my heart beating the same rhythm.

    2014 Art of 4 Elements Spiritual Poetry Book with 3 other artists: Jason Lu, Christine Cutajar and Jeni Caruana. ISBN: 9789995754051

    2015 4 Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Books:

    A Guide to Mindful Eating, Veggie Chef Mirjana Musulin ISBN: 9789995754068

    Mindful Eating with Vegan Chef Olivera Rosic ISBN: 9789995754020

    Mindful Being towards Mindful Living Course ISBN: 9789995754037

    Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents ISBN: 9789995754044

    2016 published Chanting Mantras with Best Chords ISBN 9789995754150

  • 2017 published Ama Alchemy of Love Spiritual Historical Fiction ISBN 9789995754198
  • 2017 published Tree of Life True Story ISBN 9789995754136

At the moment working on theConscious Creativity and Spiritual Symbols and their Meaning.

Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training is published by Artof4elements

Art of 4 Elements is a Mindfulness Training and self-help publisher. We publish books, audio, and video materials in areas of Mindfulness, Meditation, Self-Help, New Thought, Alternative Health, Vegetarian and Vegan Food and Nutrition, and Conscious Parenting.


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