Helping Kids Learn

A child has a deep longing to discover that the world is based on truth.  Respect that longing.  In our attempt to help children grow into inspired adults, we wish them to carry the youthfulness of their souls, and the wonders of childhood into their old age.

Helping Children Learn through Intuition

Children learn intuitively, perceiving the subtle inner relationships observing nature.  Free creative play is an invaluable gift that children need to start properly relating to the outside world.

Helping Children Learn through Free Play

Exploringexperiencing and imitating the world of grown-us through free play, children are given a chance to unconsciously learn and emotionally mature through their own games.  Too much of today’s learning is structured, children are ‘directed’, ‘instructed’ and carefully ‘followed’ at all times, so they do not have a chance to experience learning through unobstructed observation.  Children have deep devotion to life and this devotion is beautifully expressed through the free play.  Objects of play should be as simple as possible, to allow the power of imagination to flourish.  Buying ‘perfect’, expensive toys, rob the children of an ability to see beauty in a stone or a shell. 

Helping Children Learn through Freedom

Freedom should be an integral ingredient of your child’s growth.

  • Go to a park and take your child playing.  Try not to interfere in the activity of the play.  Let the child discover, explore, invent the objects of play.
  • Allow your child to cook, wash dishes, take care of plants, take care of animals.  These activities are extremely interesting for a child because they can act as grown-ups.

Helping Children Learn creating a Loving Environment

Children need to feel our love at all times, our love gives them confidence that they are heard, that they are present, and that they matter.  A warm, loving and gentle environment is absorbed unconsciously and it gives children a wonderful start to life.  Children perceive our emotions and map them, so if we are angry, they will be frightened or chaotic. 

Helping Your Kids Learn Playing with other Children

Children also learn beautifully when with other children.  They learn not to scream, shout or hit, because other children at all times challenge their emotional make-up.

Children first learn through experimenting, and the fascinating world around them, of flowers, animals, stones, has so much to offer, so there is no need to rush their thinking process / development.  Once the thinking starts, it should be treated as the most fascinated activity completely supported with the world of images and emotions. 

  • Play with your child.  Invent stories for your child, and let your child invent stories for you
  • Listen to your child.  There is something s/he is trying to tell you with his/her screams
  • Do not let your child get lost in the world of TV, computers, games, let him/her explore nature instead.

Helping Children Learn through Rymes, Music, Arts, and Sports

Children love learning through rhymes, they love poetry, painting, story-telling, cooking, knitting, and their thinking capability beautifully develops supported by music, arts, and sports.  The development of thoughts should go hand in hand with the development of feelings and heart.  At the age of 7 to 14, our children are learning to have a beautiful capacity for feelings that will give them a rich soul experiences, and they are expressing a wonderful hunger for knowledge for Philosophia (love of wisdom).  It is love and wisdom that are the two greatest gifts of mankind.


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