Spiritual Journey: Walking Different Spiritual Paths

Spiritual Development and Spiritual Awakening

With spiritual awakeningspiritual growth and self development becomes the central purpose and focus of life. We experience a longing to come closer to God, Love or Life and to feel One with It (So-Ham).  With Spiritual Awakening, we are in love with the Divine, giving up the will - we accept total surrender to live Love as the main principle of our Life.

Spiritual Paths

There are many different spiritual paths that we can take: Yoga, Taoism, Christianity, Sufism, etc.

Walking the spiritual path means finding our own relationship with God, Love or Life.

Today travelers on the spiritual path have two important advantages - we now have access to the knowledge of our ancestors on variety of spiritual paths; and the spiritual path is no longer in the shadow of doctrines - it is now difficult for Churches, sects and cults to dominate our surroundings.

Buddhist and Spirituality

For Buddhist spirituality has one main aim: the end of suffering through the enlightened mind-set, through the understanding of life.  This is achieved through meditation and the cultivation of compassion.  Wisdom is linked to compassion.  Wisdom is being able to see the 'nature' of the world: how connected everything is, and how impermanent everything is. The basis of spiritual training in Buddhism is the 'Noble Path'. The aspirant persue: wholesome action, wholesome speech, wholesome livelihood, wholesome effort, wholesome concentration, wholesome mindfulness, wholesome thinking, and wholesome understanding.

Christianity and Spirituality

The starting point is the human separation from God.  Salvation is gained through faith inChrist and good Christian life that includes cultivating virtues such as: love, truthfulness, integrity.  The main spiritual tools used are Singing and Prayer to God.

Confucianism and Spirituality

The purpose of life is to fulfill one's role within the family and in society.  Health, honor, money, friends, loyalty, they will all come, if one is a good and respected citizen, a good father, a good mother, a good teacher, etc.  The main spiritual tool used is cultivating of virtues.

Taoism and Spirituality

Tao is all. The energies are manifested as Yin and Yang that are opposites and together they make unity.  Purpose of life is living in harmony with Tao achieving inner harmony, peace, and longevity.  The main spiritual tools used: work with energy within the body through chi qung, meditation, tai chi, acupancture etc.

Hinduism and Spirituality

Brahman is supreme and it is manifested in many gods and goddesses. Purpose of spiritual development is to re-unite with God, and gain release from rebirth.  Spiritual tools used are: yoga, meditation, singing, devotion to a God, pujas or rituals.

Islam and Spirituality

Within Islam God (Allah) is one and for the soul to go back to God one should regularly practice: Faith, Prayer, Alms, Pilgrimage, Fasting.

Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training: Many Paths Lead to One

Within the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Books we find 100s of spiritual tools, self-development exercises and personal improvement techniques. Explore our Mindfulness Exercises, experience the Beauty and enjoy the Journey!

Deepest channel unfolds within my spine

Into the world of shadows

Discovering patterns that were there

From the beginning of my time

My DNA and yours interweave

Into the art of being on this Earth

Choosing our Present, Past and Future

Fully aware of the infinity of possibilities



Creating a matrix that will protect us

Of engravings within our brain

Can we be stronger than

Patterns, Memory, Pain?

Can we be stronger than our human-selves?

Love me and we shall try!



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