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Dear Spiritual Traveler

Thank You for purchasing the Alchemy of Love Course, we hope you’ll love it!.

The Alchemy of Love Course: Mindful Being Materials, 12 modules, are an instant download and you can find them attached to this message.  The 25 videos are designed to help your Self-Development Journey through the 12 modules.  

As a free offer, we are happy to give you a gift of 2 free e-books: Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes, Art of 4 Elements (my spiritual poetry book) These books are a precious source of inspiration and wisdom that we wish to share with all the souls on this spiritual journey of self-discovery. I hope you will enjoy your reading materials, get inspired, allow the creative and divine flow to center you, and apply various mindfulness techniques within your life so to live more fulfilled, sensitive and happy life.  

Let me know how successful your journey is.  Your feedback will help us grow and reach our highest potential!

If you need any further support or you have any question for me please do not hesitate to e-mail me on: nuit@alchemyoflovecourses.com  

Stay Inspired and Shine Love,




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