Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Course: Mindful Being

Mindful Being Course Gold

Mindful Being Gold by Nataša Pantović Nuit

If you wish to experience the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training fully, our Gold edition is supported with: 25 video and audio presentations, designed to inspire your journey during the 12 weeks of the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training.  

The Alchemy of Love Gold is now available for FREE. You can access our videos at and

Stay inspired, commit to change and start your Self-Development Journey with us.  We hope you will LOVE it!

25 Videos or 11 hours of Presentations that support the Course are: 

Mindful Being Gold Videos:

Intro Video

Video 1 Module 1 Body is a Temple

Video 2 Module 1 Mindful Eating Perfect Nutrition

Presentation 3 Module 1 What to Drink

Video 1 Module 2 Feng Shui of Your Home

Video 1 Module 3 How to Meditate, Basic Steps

Video 2 Module 3 Yoga Breathing Meditation

Video 3 Module 3 Divergent Thinking and How to Practice Creative Thinking

Video 1 Module 4 Secrets of Meditation

Video 2 Module 4 Kids and Rhythm, Structure, Love

Video 1 Module 5 Towards Pure Mind

Video 2 Module 5 Practicing Virtues Assertiveness

Module 6 Willpower Exercises

Video 1 Module 7 Kids and Subconscious and Conscious Learning

Video 2 Module 7 Cultivate Loving Relationships

Video 3 Module 7 Meditate on Love

Video 1 Module 8 Circle of Life or True Goals and Dreams

Video 2 Module 9 Right vs. Left Brain Development

Video 3 Module 9 Meditation Expansion of Consciousness

Module 10 Enter the World of Dreams

Module 11 In Search of Truth

Module 11 Ancient History and Spirituality

Module 12 Meditate on Divine Consciousness

Module 12 Divine Sound and Temples

Spirituality and Parenting

During the 12 Modules of our Self-Development Course You will be Exploring How To:

  • Protect Your FeelingsExercise Awareness, Practice Virtues, Experience Transformation Tools such as: Meditation, Conscious Use of ColorsEnter Your Dream World, Create Your Soul’s Diary
  • Explore Your Core Beliefs, Challenge Existing Beliefs, Start Your Dreams Diary
  • Explore your Relationships, Introduce Changes, Exercise Conscious Speech, Design Your Relationship Plan
  • Explore Service as Virtue, Start working on Your Spiritual Diary
  • Discover Your True Dreams, Write Your Soul's Diary
  • Explore Your True Goals, Design Your Personal Development Plan
  • Deeply Understand Spirituality and Spiritual Development? What is Karma? What is Alchemy? What is Yoga?
  • Maintain Divine Focus, Get Inspired from the List of Recommended Spiritual Books 
  • Live the Alchemy of Love 

If you need any further info, please e-mail us @ 

Touched by Shining Love

I was touched by shining love

transformed and taken into the universe

of clarity and mental strength

of training and perfection


of Wisdom that manifests as Light

I was touched by shining love

by Spirit warriors, dancers, & followers of Life

that Know but still don't know that they know

that feel and act and ARE

within the world of an Enlightened Few



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