Maltese Serbian Novelist, Adoptive Parent, Management Consultant and Ancient Worlds’ Consciousness Researcher.

Using stories of ancient Greek and Egyptian philosophers and ancient artists, after being Head of Business Development, Consultant and Trainer of 4 of the largest consulting and IT companies in the UK, Holland, and Malta, I inspire researchers to reach beyond their self-imposed boundaries. Throughout the years, I have represented Malta’s IT outsourcing all around the planet, & been on the Panel of Speakers of the Economist Mediterranean Business Summit in Marseille, France. Whilst volunteering, I have organized 6 large Body, Mind and Spirit Festivals, an International Vegetarian Festival, a 10 day Neolithic Temples Conference,. helped build a school in a remote village of Ethiopia, and have since adopted two kids, as a single mum. Now a published author in Serbian & English since 1991 with 3 novels & 7 non-fiction books. View More

Jeni Caruana, BA Arts

Co-Author of Art of 4 Elements: Discover Alchemy through Poetry

1970 – 71 Art and Design, Uxbridge Technical College

1972 – 73 Foundation course, Hull Art College

!973 – 76 Illustration, Harrow College of Art

Experience: More than 30 solo + more than 20 Collective exhibitions, including Exhibiting in National Museum of Archaeology, Russian Cultural Centre, National Museum of Fine Arts, The British High Commission, Ministry for Tourism and Culture in Valletta, Malta, in Tunis, in London, "the 10  leading watercolourists". An Author of 14 Illustrated Publications, 2004 Guest speaker at “Women Who Create” conference and workshop in Oslo, Norway, 2016 Represented Malta in Fabriano Watercolour Conference, Fabriano, Italy. View More on ArtsID

Christine Cutajar, MA Creativity

Co-Author of Art of 4 Elements: Discover Alchemy through Poetry

With  Masters in Creativity and Innovation (2010 – 2013) from Institute of Design and Development Thinking of Malta, and BSc in Psychology from the University of Malta, Christne is a Maltese Artist and AoL Author.

Christine has exhibited her art, both photography and installations solo and collectively, at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, in Valletta, Malta.

Chinese-American artist Jason Lu's passion are installation exhibitions. 

Born in Taiwan of Chinese origin, Jason moved to San Francisco, USA, at the age of 15. 

Managing Director at Consciouseed, Creative Director at Veda Alliance, Jason Lu lives in Taipei, Taiwan. He has studied sculpture at Florence Academy of Art (1999 – 2002). He has exibited in the US, Malta, Italy. 

"Pure happiness, sadness, or anger only exist among children," Jason says of the interactive work in the interview with Sunday Times. „Inspired by the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, it is art that can not only be seen, but also felt.“ "It's not about the end result, but about being part of the project." 

Goce Nikoloski

Author of Chanting Mantras with Best Chords

Goce is a Macedonian singer who studded meditation, chanting mantras, vegetarian cooking, reflexology, and herbal healing methods. Developed his style, singing mantras in a German ashram permeated with Eastern spirituality. He has conducted numerous concerts for small audiance, working with overtone singing, percussion instruments, and mantras from around the world that are chosen to be a support for mantra meditation practice.

Ivana Milosavljhevic, MA Education

Co-Author of Conscious Parenting Course

A Serbian Author from Prokuplje, Serbia. Mgr. Education, with Masters in Special Needs, Ivana now runs an NGO „Srećaonica“, „Happy Hub“ that works with under-privilleged kids in Serbia. She has created and runs numerous workshops for parents and kids.

With many years of experince working as Special Needs Teacher in Serbia and Malta, she also worked in „SOS help“. She is a co-autor of Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents, Malta 2015.

Interview with Ivana with Top-News Serbia

Olivera Rosic, BSc Forestry

Author of Mindful Eating with Delicious Vegan Recipes

Olivera Rosić is a Raw Vegan Love Chef & Instructor

With a BSc of University of Belgrade, Serbia, Faculty of Forestry, Olivera loves raw food and whole-heartedly believes in its health benefits.

Olivera engineered a wonderful concept of con·nois·seur of raw food. She is a joyful host of numerous workshops where she presents her guests with wonders of her raw food cooking.

She is a regular columnist of a raw food recipe section of the magazine Live Health

She adores experimenting and creating the most appetizing vegan dishes, delicious freshly squeezed juices and rich chocolate cream with raw coco.

The ingredients of her meals are carefully chosen seasonal veggies and fruits, organically grown, often grown at her home, raw, and delicious.  Her raw creams, soups, and sauces are the tastiest ever and she knows little secrets of how to make her guests lick their fingers after every meal she makes.

Dr Rudolf Ragonesi

Author of: A Collection of Aphorisms Book 1 Spring, A Collection of Aphorisms Book 2 Summer, A Collection of Aphorisms Book 3 Autumn, A Collection of Aphorisms Book 4 Winter in English, that has been translated to Italian and French. 

Juris Doctor (J.D.) of Environment Law, CEO of The Gaia Foundation that specialises in environmental management.

As Founder and Ceo, Rudolf has worked at developing the setting up of national parks, eco sites and coastal zones and their integrated management, in the two Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo, as well as setting up an eco community in Monte Altore, Italy.

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