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AoL Training Video Journey by Nataša Pantović

Conscious Parenting Self-Development Course

Spirituality and Parenting

Taking a commitment to grow, work on Self, Spiritually Develop, we take responsibility for our lives. Parenting is the most amazing spiritual experience one can go through. It exercises our Will Power, and strengthens our capability to Love.

Spiritual Parenting, Interview with Nuit

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Audio/Visual, Parenting and Spirituality

Guided Meditation: Divine Consciousness

Meditation on Divine Consciousness. Sit comfortably, relax and listen to our guided meditation. We hope that this meditation will inspire you to work on your self-development and spiritual growth and that you will continue exploring the wonders of meditation.

Guided Spiritual Meditations

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Audio/Visual, Meditation and How-to

Try our Guided Meditation on Divine Consciousness

Mindful Being and Body is a Temple

Conscious Eating Transformation Tools and why do we need to treat our body as a temple? Body Awareness Exercises. Becoming conscious and aware of our diet is a big step within your self-development journey towards change.

Mindful Being Exercises and Tips

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Audio/Visual, Self-Help and Wellbeing

AoL Training: Body is a Temple 

AoL Training: Secrets of Meditation

Secrets of Meditation

Through the practice of meditation, we enter a world of soul and spirit, and with patience and training we start yielding results. So why do we meditate? Is it for the bliss we feel during an amazing meditation or for the results that we experience after some years of training?

Mindfulness and Spiritual Meditation

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Audio/Visual, Self-Help and Wellbeing

Exercises to Develop Left and Right Brain Hemisphere

Left and Right Brain Development. Our soul whispers to us constantly. When we understand the power of conscious and subconscious mind and the way the soul communicates with us, we can help ourselves live in harmony.

Practical Mindfulness Exercises to Develop Left and Right Brain Hemisphere

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Audio/Visual, Self-Help and Wellbeing

Power of Mind, Left vs. Right Brain Development 

AoL Training: Mindful Being Course

Intro to AoL Self-Development Courses

Exploring the Alchemy of Human Being and Alchemy of Love we examine the ways to achieve Free Mind... We use mindfulness exercises and transformation tools and techniques from ancient and contemporary philosophers and gurus from all around the world.

Alchemy of Love Self-Development Courses: Mindful Being and Conscious Parenting

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Audio/Visual, Self-Help and Wellbeing

Willpower Exercises

We need the willpower in all the areas of our life. We need the willpower to spiritually grow. Exercises inlcude: conscious eatting, meditation and mindfulness exercises that train the willpower in every day challenges.

Mindfulness Exercises and Transformation Tools: Train Your Willpower

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Audio/Visual, Self-Help and How-to

Mindful Being Course: Willpower Exercises 

Ancient Spirituality

Secrets and blessings of the temples... Divine Sound Healing within the temples of love, temples of fertility, temples of initiations. How was God or Goddess worshiped 7,000 years ago? What can we learn from their Rituals and how can Ancient Spirituality enrich our Spiritual Journey?

Ancient Spirituality and Goddess Worship

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Audio/Visual, Self-Help and Wellbeing

AoL Training: Ancient Spirituality 

AoL Training: Conscious Parenting

Rhythm, Structure and Love within Conscious Parenting

Alchemy of Love Conscious Parenting Mindfulness Training follows the magic of Rhythm, Structure and Love. We prepared for you easy and practical parents tips for kids. Discover: how parents can help children learn, and how to foster creativity in children.

Practical Parents Tips for Kids about How to Foster Creativity in Kids

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Audio/Visual, Children Growth and Development

How to Practice Divergent and Creative Thinking

Somewhere within our brain we have a potential for higher mathematics, art, and magic of creativity. Somewhere within our brain we have a potential to live our highest potential and listen to our soul.

Mindfulness Exercises to Practice Divergent and Creative Thinking

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Audio/Visual, Self-Help and How-to

How to practice Divergent and Creative Thinking

Spiritual Work

the time has stopped…

i looked into your eyes and realised

the reason we were not yet born

it was because we were waiting

for the stars to fall

and ice to melt

before we act

to re-discover

the primary relationship

to the one Self

it is so much easier to do nothing

expecting Gods and Ferries to bring Luck

because 'of-course' we all deserve It

and to claim that the path of Warriors leads nowhere

staying stuck within the battle of

Krishna and Pandavas

and yet

it is so much more beautiful and rewarding

to get immersed within the Work

to attempt the climb

of Virtues that sculptures the Will Power



towards our Divine Potential

towards the possibility of living Love

every single day,

every single minute,

every single second,

with every pore of our bodies

if we do not make that effort

the gutter of our Boredom, Fears, Dishonesty

will readily and happily take us in

and before we know it


we will be

soaking in the mud

of our own visions of unhappiness

if only we find the strength

to break through the laziness

and well established patterns

if only we cut mercilessly our Ego

that hides behind the Mind

and Its endless wheel of chatter



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